Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Why Blog? I love to see people walking in their gifts, and looking like Jesus. It is the kind of thing that comes little by little as we are transformed into the image of Christ. Each new step I see folks take is so exciting.

Last summer I was mulling. Some of my friends will think this is impossible. I am a high “I” (based on DISC personality profile) so people who know me know I am more of a blurt now and think later kind of guy. The fact is – I do mull! I digress – [Read More...]


  1. OK, deal! I will read them and respond when I think I have something helpful to say :) I like that you are doing this. I remember at our dad's funeral that Bud Tindle said to me, "you have some mighty big shoes to fill!" I know it was simply a compliment about how he and the rest of the church would miss his teaching. It still scared the crap out of me a little because I thought I never could!!! I'm not sure he and you would agree on everything these days and we wont know 'til that great family reunion in the sky, but I do know that he would be extremely proud that you are following in his teaching footsteps! And filling his shoes at PBC quite well thank you very much! One other thing about Fath (if anyone is reading this, "Fath" is what we called our dad... a weird 60's shortening of "father"...) anyway, Muth (yep, "mother") said that even with speakers/preachers he disagreed with or didn't particularly "like", he would always listen with an open mind and often come away with something he learned. I admire that and I think this is the spirit you're demonstrating here! Looking forward to it bro!

  2. Those are big shoes to fill. Herb Beyer showed me a picture Sunday from an elder retreat in the 80's with a bunch of folks, but right out front was Fath. It is great to be there at PBC. I believe God has some great plans for us. I do remember that Fath would listen to, and read many authors/ speakers from varied points of view.
    Thanks for your encouragement. Hope to see you sometime soon.